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Does Travel Insurance Cover Working Abroad?

Travel can present a range of invaluable opportunities to learn and grow through leisure, but also offers industrious individuals to finance their exploration and gain unique work experience by finding employment while overseas. Working a job while in another country can add another layer of adventure to a lengthy visit, but unfortunately many travelers desiring peace of mind during their trip have trouble finding an appropriate travel insurance policy to cover their working activities.

Work + Travel Insurance

While standard travel insurance policies are designed to provide protection to vacationers, many of them do not cover losses while on a job. With overseas employment becoming more popular than ever in the increasingly globalized modern world, insurance providers have begun to take a focus on those who wish to hold jobs during a stay away from their home country by offering policies specifically tailored to their needs.

These policies can provide such benefits as medical expense coverage, emergency evacuation, and repatriation in case a policyholder needs to return home after a medical emergency. Good policies for general labor have a deductible no higher than $500 and a policy coverage limit of at least $100,000 along with these standard benefits.

Hazardous Jobs

While travel + work insurance can provide protection in case a traveler incurs medical expenses on the job in many cases, there are some occupations that many insurers will refuse to cover. These are known as “hazardous jobs,” and are generally defined as any occupation that is known to present an elevated risk of severe injury to its participants due to its nature or location.

Examples of hazardous jobs include those involving job duties that take place above ground level, underwater or at sea. Occupations involving animals, heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals are also frequently excluded under travel + work insurance policies.

Service as a member of the police, emergency response units or armed services of the country are also considered hazardous jobs, and insurers will be highly wary of providing coverage for individuals who choose these professions while outside their home country. There are some specialty providers that offer coverage to these groups, but policies are typically priced at a premium.

Travelers considering holding a job during their stay abroad would do well to consider looking into a work + travel policy to provide coverage in the event that they are injured at work. Such a policy can be a significant investment, but one that could certainly prove worthwhile when far from home.



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