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Green Travel Trends for 2011

Looking ahead to 2011 and wondering what some of the hot topics in green travel?

According to Europe’s first eco-tourism conference held in Estonia, some of the trends delegates expect to see in 2011…

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Has Authentic Travel Become a Status Symbol?

Many travelers today are looking for authentic travel? What is causing this desire for authenticity? What is authentic travel? Could it actually exist in our increasingly “packaged” world?

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New Study Shows Travelers More Socially Conscious

A new study coming out of Europe revealed a shift in consumer consciousness that is changing travel! People want their travel to be meaningful, feel good and have some impact in the world — not just for escapism or indulgences. So it’s no surprise that travel philanthropy and voluntourism are booming.

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How Are Travelers Using Social Media?

The explosive growth of social media in the past year has changed the way many of us do things like shop, get our news, get deals or simply engage with an expanding circle of people like never before.

A recent travelhorizons survey of 2,200 U.S. adults conducted by Ypartnership and the U.S. Travel Association revealed the following:

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Need Some Inspirations For 2010, Download This Free eBook

With a new year comes a desire to do something great or simply, to do something. All of us, even those who have that “greatness” quality, need to get inspired. Are you looking for some inspiration as you head into the new year?

Seth Godin, the popular author and blogger, released a new ebook, What Matters Now, a compilation of ideas from some of the most recognizable and respected thinkers today. More than 70 big thinkers, consisting of authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers, each share an idea for you to think about …

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Africa and Volunteering Are Hot Trends for Teen Travelers

Family Travel Forum Consulting (FTFc) released their report of teen travel trends based on the submissions of 5,700 teens, ages 13-18, who entered their Teen Travel Writing Scholarship.  The findings provide insight on what we can expect from this generation of younger travelers. Today’s teens are undoubtedly more global-minded and are willing to travel far from home. They are service-oriented and are keen on exploring distant cultures.
– 48% of teen applicants have traveled outside the United States by their 18th birthday
– Africa-Middle East saw the largest increase in teen travel …

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Is Social Media an Indispensable Tool for Social Good?

The internet has completely revolutionized the way we live. Typewriters, hand-written letters, and paper research are quickly becoming a part of a by-gone era. Methods we once used to obtain information, or stay in contact with loved ones are being replaced by emails, the internet, and of late, social media.  There are emerging signs now that social media is even taking over some of the functions of how people connected through more recent techno-advances like emails or instant messaging. Social media is injecting new life into philanthropy and new possibilities …