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What Eco-Crimes Are You Committing Every Day?

There’s been a slew of press on global warming, climate change, countries disappearing, etc. The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen begins next week (Dec. 7-Dec. 18) and many are hoping that governments and their delegates will cooperate and get some programs in place “to deliver results in one of the defining challenges of our century”, says incoming COP15 president, Connie Hedegaard. While we tend to look for governments and corporations to solve problems that often are created by how we chose to live, climate change really begins at …

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Think Pink: Safer Travel Options for Women

While traveling is a favored activity of leisure for many, it can also be a great deal of stress, especially for women. Here in the United States, there is an awareness to avoid behaviors that may be construed as harassment toward women. Unfortunately in some parts of the globe, women have been subjected to greater threats of harassment even if just trying to get from point A to B. This can be a major concern for women traveling alone, but from England to Iran and everywhere in between, women have …

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Is Volunteer Travel the New Executive Training Program?

Volunteer tourism or “voluntourism”, which has been increasingly popular among leisure travelers, is extending its reach into the workplace. Some folks are taking sabbaticals from their jobs to be philanthropic volunteers. Some companies not only permit employees to take sabbaticals, they are putting programs in place to encourage employees to be involved in charity travel.  Both companies and employees see charity travel as a win win situation.
Multinational companies, such as India’s Infosys Technologies and global accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, view charity travel as an opportunity to give employees work experience in …

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Volunteering Just Got More Fashionable

First hotels are offering free nights for community service, now retailers are embracing community volunteering or giving back — consumerism meets volunteerism.

Popular retailer, Banana Republic, announced the launched of the “ONE+ALL” campaign this week which will help local service organizations match up with Banana Republic customers who are interested in volunteering based on their skills and interests. Banana Republic employees will also provide professional development training to service nonprofit representatives, to help the nonprofits sharpen their recruiting and training strategies.
The retailer is committed to becoming a more eco-conscious brand, doing …

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Key Shifts Seen in Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is nothing new. For decades, people have gone abroad with the Peace Corps, with relief organizations or even on their own. But the momentum for volunteering abroad has never been stronger than today as more opportunities are available for just about anybody.
Collectively, we have made this huge shift from thinking about ourselves to helping people on other continents. At its core, this is a by-product of an affluent society where our basic needs are met and we are ready to use our excess resources to help others globally. …

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Travel Insiders Predict Future Tourism Trends & Hotspots

North Americans and Europeans accounted for the largest groups of travelers in the last 30 years. Travel experts expect that to change in the next 30 years with more people from Russia, India, China, and Brazil traveling. They expect destinations in Southeast Asia and Latin American will jump in popularity because of their proximity to the new source of travelers. UK travel specialist Hoseasons chief executive Richard Carrick indicated, “There will be a shift in the axis of power over the next 30 years. As people from China and India …

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The Purpose Driven Traveler

This recession has accelerated the shift in consumer travel behavior to what we called the purpose driven traveler. As people scrutinized their spending, they are looking for valuable investments and meaningful getaways. “People will emerge from the current recession forever changed. The global recession has changed them,” said David Kenny, managing partner of Publicis Group’s VivaKi.
About 87% of respondents to a 2008 American Express study indicated that travel involving personal interests will remain the same or increase over the next two years. The survey results overwhelmingly showed that people …