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Family Voluntourism Adventures that Create Memories

Looking for a memorable family vacation?

Family voluntourism, which combines touring and volunteering, is a great travel option that creates lasting memories, builds cultural awareness and relationships and perhaps, transforms your kids into little global citizens. There are plenty of project opportunities with flexible schedules all around the world for you to chose your next family adventure!

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See the World in Extraordinary Ways: Volunteering on Safari

Looking for an unforgettable family volunteer trip this summer that takes you to an exotic locale far from your familiar ways of life?

Volunteering on Safari with Eco-Resorts. Explore the stunning beauty of the Mara region of Kenya while being fully immersed in one of the most culturally rich lands, gain insights to the local tribes, experience the natural beauty of marine and wild life and help some of the most impoverished people in the country.

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Tips on Planning a Family Volunteer Vacation

Photo: mike baird
Proper planning for your family volunteer vacation can lead to a very rewarding experience. Here are some helpful tips to make your family volunteer trip an experience of a lifetime.
Do your research! Begin researching and planning your trip about three months before you leave. Figure out where you want to travel, types of volunteer service, types of organization you want to go through, length of vacation and how much time devoted to volunteering, etc. Also, you want to find out about health and trip insurance, language/culture concerns, and …

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Looking for a Life Changing Vacation for Your Family? Try Family Volunteer Vacation

With the economy in a recession, many families are curtailing their travel plans or looking to get a bigger bang for their travel buck, either in cost or getting the “max” from their travel experiences. Families are reluctant to travel just for indulgence, they want travel to add value to their family life.
Volunteer vacations meet this criteria. A family taking a volunteer vacation together reaps far greater benefits than the typical relax and rejuvenate vacation — it can be transformative. A story that puts this into perspective — a …

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NBC Anchor Brian William’s Family Spring Break Trip – Engagement, Enrichment & Voluntourism

Photo by rayced
In this new age of “reawakening” or “reckoning,” people coming out of a decade of excess and indulgences into our current economic recession are finding that material possessions don’t satisfy you for very long and they are looking for more meaningful and enriching life experiences. Many people, who are still financially able to travel, are traveling with a dual purpose of service and economic benefit.
Echoing these sentiments, NBC Anchor Brian William has decided his family is forgoing the traditional beach spring vacation and instead head to New Orleans. …

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Budget Volunteer Vacations: Hiking the Beautiful Mountains of Washington State

As part of our on-going series, Budget Volunteer Vacations , we spotlight low cost, no frills volunteer travels to various destinations around the world. These trips do not include airfare, but meals and lodging are often included at no cost or for a minimal cost of $100-$200. These trips are great add-ons to your vacations!
Looking for a low-cost, challenging, and fun volunteer vacation this year? Washington Trails Association (WTA) hosts week-long work parties for adults, teens and families. For $150 ($125 for WTA member) they will provide you with a …

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Ten Reasons to Take Family Volunteer Vacations

Thinking of taking your kids traveling to see the world? You can never underestimate how the power of travel and volunteerism can make and shape kids’ lifelong impressions of the world and their roles in it. Here are 10 compelling reasons to take them on voluntourism or a volunteer vacation (adapted from the family volunteering website, Doing Good Together.
Ten Reasons to Start Family Voluntourism:
1. Enables busy parents to spend valuable vacation time with their kids while giving back to the community.
2. Enables parents to pass on key values to their …