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Conde Nast Traveler held their 3rd Annual World Savers Congress this week in NYC. The editors of Conde Nast Traveler hosted the travel forum for travel providers, and included a few philanthropic celebrities and consumer companies, who came together to dialogue about sustainability, responsible tourism, and corporate social responsibility. Although it’s really an industry forum, we wanted to highlight some noteworthy takeaways from the event so that we can all become smarter and more conscious travelers.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The way companies look at corporate social responsibility has evolved from philanthropy to …

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Are You Ready to Pay More for Green Travel?

Americans are living in a time when being green and eco-friendly are not only trendy, but becoming a way of life. Traveling green will generally cost more and there are fewer travel choices, for now.
Research done by travelhorizons™ in July found that more Americans are aware of eco-friendly travel (which confirms the general perception), but they will not necessarily pay the price to take part in it. People are more aware of eco-friendly terms and they understand the benefits that others will gain from “being green.” …

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Looking for Great Travel Companies? Check Out The World Savers Winners

Travelers today can make a difference in their travels simply by deciding who they want to travel with. You have the option to vote with your dollars to support travel providers for being socially responsible. Some travel companies are doing great things for our world and the goal is for more companies to not only incorporate social responsible principles in their business practices, but to be innovators.

Condé Nast Traveler started The World Savers Awards, now in its third year, to recognize hotels, airlines and travel companies globally for their efforts …

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Voluntourism and Green Tourism Are Here To Stay

Travel businesses could flourish even in today’s down economy if they sell the right experiences. At the national Tourism Futures conference in Australia, trend spotter Daniel Levine told attendees that tourism businesses need to tap travelers’ growing desire for social responsibility and self-improvement. He sees a “seismic shift” in travelers’ attitudes.
The focus now is on relationships, health, spirituality, self-improvement, the environment and social responsibility with “experience first, destination second.” This is evidenced by the strong growth of the voluntourism sector despite the downturn.
Levine believes that tourism companies need to understand …

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Is Your Travel Provider Really Committed to Responsible Travel?

Responsible travel is a term used a lot in travel these days. Many companies label themselves responsible travel providers. How do you know whether a travel company REALLY is committed to responsible travel? We thought a basic primer on responsible travel principles would be helpful.
As a traveler, when you decide on an international travel company to work with, vote with your dollars to make sure that they follow responsible travel principles and support local economies. Here are a few basic responsible travel principles to get you started. …

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How are Travel and Volunteering Related?

Unfortunately, they’re not often thought to be related. Travel is typically a form of consumption. You’re purchasing an experience, and most people when they travel aren’t really thinking about helping others along the way. That’s just what travel is traditionally.
Then there is volunteer travel abroad. Traditionally, this involves volunteering in a foreign country the entire time you are there. Some volunteers will travel around the country after their volunteer assignments, but many volunteers return home immediately after their stints. Their exposure to the host country is limited to interactions …

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Keeping Vountourism's Good Intentions in Check

Voluntourism, the red-hot travel niche, has attracted its share of industry self-regulation in hopes that its good intentions do not get exploited.
Planeterra, the non-profit arm of GAP Adventures dedicated to the development and support of small communities around the globe, recently released a checklist that voluntourist or tour operator may want to consider before putting together a trip or a voluntourism program.
• When is my need to “do good” potentially a selfish act on my part?
• Am I helping or hindering by taking time …