Are You Ready to Pay More for Green Travel?

Americans are living in a time when being green and eco-friendly are not only trendy, but becoming a way of life. Traveling green will generally cost more and there are fewer travel choices, for now. Research done by travelhorizons™ in July found that more Americans are aware of eco-friendly travel (which confirms the general perception), […]

Voluntourism and Green Tourism Are Here To Stay

Travel businesses could flourish even in today’s down economy if they sell the right experiences. At the national Tourism Futures conference in Australia, trend spotter Daniel Levine told attendees that tourism businesses need to tap travelers’ growing desire for social responsibility and self-improvement. He sees a “seismic shift” in travelers’ attitudes. The focus now is […]

How are Travel and Volunteering Related?

Unfortunately, they’re not often thought to be related. Travel is typically a form of consumption. You’re purchasing an experience, and most people when they travel aren’t really thinking about helping others along the way. That’s just what travel is traditionally. Then there is volunteer travel abroad. Traditionally, this involves volunteering in a foreign country the […]

Keeping Vountourism's Good Intentions in Check

Voluntourism, the red-hot travel niche, has attracted its share of industry self-regulation in hopes that its good intentions do not get exploited. Planeterra, the non-profit arm of GAP Adventures dedicated to the development and support of small communities around the globe, recently released a checklist that voluntourist or tour operator may want to consider before […]

Seven Dilemmas of Ecotourism

Today ecotourism is a very trendy and politically correct way to travel. There is a strong movement to put green in travel. Tourism companies are rushing to put the green label on their products — after all, it’s lucrative. Travel and tourism is the largest business sector in the world economy and is responsible for […]

Great Trips that Give Back

Think you have to pull up your sleeves and work on building orphanages in rural Africa or teach children devastated by poverty and AIDS in southeast Asia to give back when you travel? Not so. Responsible travel and travel philanthropy is all about giving back to the people and places you travel to AND there […]