Changing the World, One Photo at a Time

Guest post from Carolyn Lane on her journey from voluntourist to founding a non-profit using photography to connect and impact communities around the world.

In 1995, I used a small inheritance from my grandparents to take my first ever “volunteer vacation” with EarthWatch to Lombok, Indonesia. There I experienced being an “invited guest” in another country, as opposed to being strictly a tourist…

10 Great Sources for Travel Philanthropy

How does one get involve with travel philanthropy? There are so many opportunities to exercise philanthropy for a destination. Some will involve travel. Others simply can be done from wherever you are, yet impact destinations far away. In Part III of our three-part series (see Part I and Part II) on travel philanthropy, we look at 10 great sources for philanthropic travel and connecting with community projects.

Microfinance: One Face of Travel Philanthropy

What does travel philanthropy and microfinance have in common? Both can impact almost all areas of development — poverty, women’s empowerment, children, education, literacy, environment, health, etc. As we mentioned in Part I, travel philanthropy is simply connecting people to places that’s done in a way that supports and empowers local destinations and communities. Microfinance […]

Build Your Charitable Giving Portfolio in 3 Easy Steps

Want to build a personal portfolio of favorite charitable causes to give to? With so many organizations to choose from, is the donating process overwhelming? Are you looking for a new model of convenient giving? Texas-based non-profit has made setting up a personal giving portfolio simpler. It organizes all your charitable giving to your […]