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Book Giveaway & Interview with Bringing Progress to Paradise Author Jeff Rasley

Bringing Progress to Paradise is the story of climbing expedition leader and attorney Jeff Rasley’s trek to a village in a remote valley of Nepal called Basa back in October 2008. What he found was a people thoroughly unaffected by Western consumer-culture values. We will be giving away two copies of Bringing Progress to Paradise by Jeff Rasley…

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10 Great Sources for Travel Philanthropy

How does one get involve with travel philanthropy? There are so many opportunities to exercise philanthropy for a destination. Some will involve travel. Others simply can be done from wherever you are, yet impact destinations far away. In Part III of our three-part series (see Part I and Part II) on travel philanthropy, we look at 10 great sources for philanthropic travel and connecting with community projects.

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Microfinance: One Face of Travel Philanthropy

What does travel philanthropy and microfinance have in common?
Both can impact almost all areas of development — poverty, women’s empowerment, children, education, literacy, environment, health, etc.
As we mentioned in Part I, travel philanthropy is simply connecting people to places that’s done in a way that supports and empowers local destinations and communities. Microfinance serves as a powerful tool of travel philanthropy. Microfinance ties the giving to a destination to provide systemic change in a locale. With a little help, people are able to feed, educate, and care for their …

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How Travel Philanthropy Connects People to Places

Do you desire a deeper connection with the destination you visit? Travel is appealing to so many of us because we desire connections with people… and people in far away places fascinates us. They are distant and distinct not only in locale but culture, ethnicity, socio-economic circumstances, and life perspectives. Travel provides us connections to people that we would not ordinarily meet and solidifies these connections through “face-to-face” encounters that open the door for change.
Travel philanthropy is simply connecting people to places. It’s done in an active and engaging way …

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Take Our Readers Poll on Volunteer Travel

We want to hear from you! Give us your thoughts on philanthropic and volunteer travel.

Would you like volunteering to be part of trip or entire trip?
Where would you like to travel to?
Have you taken a philanthropic or volunteer trip?

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What to Do About the “Slum Tours” Controversy

The growing popularity of “slum tours” has prompted media coverage and debates.  We did a post, “Poverty Tours: Good or Bad?” exploring some of the questions last July.
Topics about the poor or disadvantaged in relations to the wealthy and advantaged often trigger heated opinions. Debate is good because it brings issues to the forefront and is productive if the underlying desire is for betterment rather than being right.
Critics of slum tours have long argued that tourists visiting the slums exploit and violate the dignity of slum dwellers. While supporters of …