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Make a Difference in Your Gap Year

Moving up from high school to college or university means making big changes. Suddenly, students have to take more responsibility for their own lives. Often they live independently away from home and have to complete their schoolwork without the encouragement and support of a watchful parent or teacher. In recent years, it has become something of a tradition to take a break between these two stages of study – called a gap year…

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Find a Lost Macedonian City on Your Next Vacation

Are you looking for an unconventional vacation? How about spending a week or longer at an archaeological dig. Bring your sense of adventure to unearth some ancient history…

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Living It Up in Rio with a Volunteer Vacation

Traveling to Cidade Maravilhosa in Rio and looking for a rich experience? A number of non-profit organizations (NGOs) giving travelers the ability to volunteer their skills during their vacations have cropped up to meet the community’s needs…

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Travel to the Philippines to Help Rebuild the Batad Rice Terraces

As a result of a series of typhoons, the Batad Rice Terraces in Ifugao, a World Heritage site since 1995, are in danger. The Batad community will be open to voluntourists, who will be able to help as well as have a taste of traditional Ifugao life and culture.

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Crystal Cruises Offer Voluntourism for Fall Sailings

This September/October, ultraluxe Crystal Cruises offer passengers and crew the chance to help international refugees in Canada, feed the hungry in Halifax and care for stray/rescued donkeys in Antigua as part of the cruise line’s “You Care, We Care” program.

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Bespoke Luxury Travel Company To Offer Voluntourism

Volunteer work with a luxury vacation — is that possible?

More and more luxury tour operators are offering alternative travel including voluntourism to satisfy the growing demand for meaningful travel without sacrificing upmarket amenities.

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STA Travel Sees Boom in Voluntourism

Youth travel specialist STA Travel is expecting a boom in voluntourism as more young people want to give back to communities in their travels.