Journey to New Hope in Kenya

A mixture of passion to help those less fortunate than myself and the desire to completely immerse myself in another culture led me down the dusty dirt paths of the slums of Mishomoroni, Kenya, to New Hope Orphanage, with the countless rows of wide brown eyes greeting me at every corner. I was 18 and on my own, scared and apprehensive as I had never been out of Europe before, yet I found myself feeling somewhat at home among all of these new, smiling faces…

Volunteer Vacation: Empowering Tribal Women in Tanzania

Looking to impact women in an indigenous culture that your tourism dollars may not reach?

Travelers go to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or safari in the Serengeti, yet your tourism dollars may not benefit the country’s Maasai nomads, particularly the women.

While tourism has begun to bring this tribal culture to the limelight, Maasai women remain economically oppressed with very limited economic or job opportunities from tourism.

Is Voluntourism Simply Affluent Tourism?

A recent New York Times article on volunteerism raised the question whether voluntourism – travel and do good abroad – is “simply an act of of affluent tourism masquerading as community service?”

This skepticism is not new. Variations have been circulated by critics and cynics of voluntourism who say that if you truly have the desire to help, why not just volunteer at home, in your local communities.