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How to Pick a Good Volunteer Travel Company

One of the most common questions from would-be volunteer travelers is how to select a good volunteer travel company…

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10 Questions to Help You Select the Best Volunteer Travel

In this age of rapid, proliferated, and uncensored information, you can pretty much find anything by googling. Before you go and celebrate this amazing information access, consider this — it may be a double-edged sword — you get the quantity but how is the quality? You get tons of information instantly — often more than you can handle, but then the real work begins when you have to sort through them for reliability and revelance. As a traveler, Google will provide you no shortage of volunteer travel organizations and programs …

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Five Ways to Minimize Voluntourism Disappointments

With the soaring popularity of voluntourism, a number of articles have recently surfaced in the UK newspapers attempting to pop the voluntourism euphoria bubble. Undoubtedly, the negative voluntourism experiences cited are real and serve as a good reminder that voluntourism, like any travel, will not always result in positive experiences.
A huge concern for people is the money and what percentage of it actually reaches the projects. Many travel companies are supportive of the local businesses they work with, but determining which one is no small task because there are …

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Beyond Charity Navigator – How to Pick a Good NGO Partner

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Travelers who may want to volunteer with a NGO (non-governmental organization), especially those of you who want to plan your own volunteer vacation, Alanna Shaikh at Blood and Milk gives some great guidelines on how to pick a good NGO to work with.

Those of us who work in international development inevitably work with NGOs. You may be employed by them, donate to them, volunteer with them, join a coalition, or contract them to do something. When you enter into that relationship, you need to know as …

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Tips on Planning a Family Volunteer Vacation

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Proper planning for your family volunteer vacation can lead to a very rewarding experience. Here are some helpful tips to make your family volunteer trip an experience of a lifetime.
Do your research! Begin researching and planning your trip about three months before you leave. Figure out where you want to travel, types of volunteer service, types of organization you want to go through, length of vacation and how much time devoted to volunteering, etc. Also, you want to find out about health and trip insurance, language/culture concerns, and …

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How To Be A Responsible Voluntourist

Most volunteer tourists are eager to go out into the world to help serve communities. Equally important to doing good is traveling good. As a voluntourist, you need to consider how you can be responsible toward the places you travel to and toward the local host organizations you volunteer with.
Traveling responsibly in a foreign country involves evaluating the social, economic, and environmental implications of your travel. Experiencing cultural diversity is one of the main reasons why you travel and you need to make sure that these differences are respected, maintained …

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A Guide to DIY Voluntourism

If you search for volunteer vacations on the Internet, you often encounter third party organizations that set up travelers with different volunteer projects around the world. These are generally full service organizations that do all the work for you — finding a volunteer project, providing lodging and meals, providing you with language lessons if you want, scheduling excursions, etc. It’s definitely easier to have someone organize everything for you so you can get right to work when you step off the plane. But you pay for these services.
There is a …