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The Best of British: Scones, Sheep and Showjumping in the English Countryside

While England may be renowned for its cosmopolitan capital, getting away from the bright lights of London can give you a completely different perspective on this beautiful country. Among chocolate-box pretty villages and rolling fields, you’ll find local traditions still very much alive. Visiting one of the county shows which take place across the country is a wonderful way to find out more about the rural way of life, along with sampling delicious local produce from nearby farmers and watching some dare-devil stunts in the main arenas.

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Must See Places: Erbil, Iraq

Feeling adventurous? Leave all your preconceived notations at home and go for a destination that probably would not hit your travel radar.

With most things in life, there is much more than meets the eye, and Erbil, Iraq is no exception.

“Kurdistan is really the other Iraq. It’s not what you see on the news,” said National Geographic’s Michael Luongo.

In the middle of Erbil, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, lies a 6,000 year old citadel.

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Best ‘Bang for Your Buck’ Destinations for 2014

Traveling can be done even with tight finances.

Here is a list of destinations that won’t break your wallet this year.

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Spiritual Journey in Southwest France

A growing number of travelers are looking for deeper connections with the places they visit.

Each year thousands of travelers are drawn to the southwestern corner of France, setting out on a pilgrimage that will lead them to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, just as others have done for centuries before them…

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Traditional Handicrafts to Buy on a Trip to Mallorca

Many holidaymakers are familiar with Mallorca’s tourist resorts. The beautiful Balearic Island’s prime location in the Mediterranean, and the untamed beauty of the Tramuntana mountain range have always provided popular appeal. A lesser-known aspect of the island is the rich tradition of arts and handicrafts produced there, with master craftsmen using age-old methods to produce artisan products that are unique to Mallorca…

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How Vacationing in Fiji Can Help Fight Climate Change

Ever wonder how your vacation can impact climate?

A workshop funded by Australian Aid in collaboration with the Pacific Climate Change Science Program and Department of Environment on Pacific Climate Change has sparked debate about the role Pacific Island countries play in negotiations on climate change. You can take comfort in knowing that countries like Fiji, while you’re there, you won’t be contributing much to the greenhouse gas emissions as the Fijians are renowned for their sustainable accommodation and fresh, locally grown organic produce…

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The Great Wine Hunt: Explore Australia’s ‘Napa Valley’

Most wine lovers are familiar with lends from regions such as the South of France or the Napa Valley of California. But believe it or not, Australia’s Hunter Valley is making the wine world sit up and take notice. Only a two-hour drive from Sydney…

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12 Free California Road Trip Itineraries

Want to have the perfect family vacation to California without the headache of coming up with the itinerary? In the new California Road Trips, you can follow 12 exclusive itineraries to perfect family vacations…