Best ‘Bang for Your Buck’ Destinations

Traveling can be done even with tight finances. Lonely Planet provides a list of destinations that won’t break your wallet this year. Greek Islands Since the global recession, even places as beautiful as Greece have not been spared. With unemployment skyrocketing, along with social and economic issues, Greece’s tourism-based economy has suffered. They have reduced […]

Spiritual Journey in Southwest France

A growing number of travelers are  looking for deeper connections with the places they visit. Each year thousands of travelers are drawn to the southwestern corner of France, setting out on a pilgrimage that will lead them to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, just as others have done for centuries before them, according to Travel Weekly. […]

Traditional Handicrafts to Buy on a Trip to Mallorca

Many holidaymakers are familiar with Mallorca’s tourist resorts. The beautiful Balearic Island’s prime location in the Mediterranean, and the untamed beauty of the Tramuntana mountain range have always provided popular appeal. A lesser-known aspect of the island is the rich tradition of arts and handicrafts produced there, with master craftsmen using age-old methods to produce […]

12 Free California Road Trip Itineraries

Want to have the perfect family vacation to California without the headache of coming up with the itinerary? In the new California Road Trips, you can follow 12 exclusive itineraries to perfect family vacations filled with outdoor activities, entertainment, shopping and wine and dine experiences. You also can access these itineraries not just in print […]

Off The Beaten Path Grand Bahama

Desiring some sun and relaxation without breaking the bank? Head to the sleepy island of the Grand Bahama, one of islands of The Bahamas. Just a short flight (20-30 minutes) from Miami. The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands – many are tiny – in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cuba and the Dominican Republic […]

For the Thrill-Seeker: Haunted and Other Themed Hotels

Looking to stay somewhere interesting and unconventional? Not feeling the conventional hotel alternatives like B&B, inns or homestays? Something more thrilling? Do you fancy ghosts, vampires, or werewolves? The supernatural always intrigue some thanks to the movie industry! For the ghost-seekers out there looking for a hotel, perhaps a haunted hotel would be the perfect […]