Cyprus’ Magnificent Flower Festivals

Cyprus is a country that hides many wonderful surprises. Cities with fascinating history and quaint villages of mesmerizing beauty attract many travelers who look for a different Mediterranean destination. What is different about it?

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America’s 5 Best Brewery Tours

Gone are the days when spending time in a bar having a few drinks was enough. The ongoing love affair with craft beers has caused people to be curious about what goes on behind the scenes at the breweries where these beers are produced. The good news is that there’s plenty of scope to see exactly what goes on, and still taste a few beers along the way.

Many breweries are opening their doors to customers…

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Saving on Hotels with Your Browser’s Incognito Mode

Browsing the Internet usually leaves a trail of information that can tell vendors and advertisers more about you, but incognito mode, or private browsing, is a mode of Internet usage that keeps much more user data private than standard browsing…

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Working Abroad?

Travel can present a range of invaluable opportunities to learn and grow through leisure, but also offers industrious individuals to finance their exploration and gain unique work experience by finding employment while overseas. Working a job while in another country can add another layer of adventure to a lengthy visit, but unfortunately many travelers desiring peace of mind during their trip have trouble finding an appropriate travel insurance policy to cover their working activities.

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Why You Should Consider British Beaches

Britain has never been considered a must-stop destination for beach enthusiasts. This is probably due, at least in part, to the country’s long standing reputation for having temperamental weather. The proliferation of European travel guides which overlook British beaches has probably also contributed to this problem. But are British beaches so undeserving of attention? This short guide may well change your mind on the matter…

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How to Travel with Seniors

Going on a holiday can be a stressful time at best. But that stress can be doubly compounded if you’re vacationing with an elderly relative. Our elderly loved ones are just as deserving of a holiday as the rest of us, but it’s important not to forget that elderly people do have certain requirements which need to be attended to if they’re to get as much enjoyment out of a holiday as we hope they will. And whether these needs are simply to do with mobility or they’re of a …

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Top Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

Worldwide economies continue to remain uncertain although people are once again willing to travel. In some countries such as the UK, according to some reports, the level of disposable income will not rise until 2015 as the rising cost of childcare remains a huge concern. This means that parents could be left with a childcare bill that equates to 40% of their disposable income, which will impact on their ability to live, work and travel as they wish.
While this news should not put you off booking a holiday, however, you …

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The Magic of Morocco: Tips for European Travelers

The UK’s travel industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, while it is also expected to feel the benefit of economic growth and expansion during the upcoming summer. At this time, thousands of UK residents will look to sink their capital into a trip abroad, as they eschew attractions within the UK and look to indulge in more exotic locations. While this represents a wonderful experience, there is also a need for travelers to adopt a responsible attitude while also respecting their own safety and that of those around them at all time.

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Why You Would Want to Take a Spring Cruise

As the global economic picture continues to improve, consumers are increasingly keen to celebrate their fortunes by booking a lavish spring trip. This is perfectly understandable, and although concerns remain about the current level of consumer borrowing there is no doubt that you can look forward to a relatively bright 2014. When it comes to booking a spring excursion, however, what viable options are available to and which unique experience is suitable for you and your family?